Cosmetic Imaging

Cosmetic Imaging

Q: What exactly will cosmetic imaging show me?
A: Cosmetic imaging would enable you to see what cosmetic enhancement through dentistry would accomplish. We can take an image or digital photograph of your face or smile and then with the use of the computer, correct your smile to what you desire. For example, we can whiten your teeth, close spaces, make teeth longer, or get rid of a ''gummy'' smile where you show more gum than teeth. Back to top

Q: If I chose to do my cosmetic treatment, will I look like the computer image?
A: The imaging is an estimate of what we can accomplish. It is for discussion purposes. We find that the final results are usually even better than the cosmetic computer imaging. Back to top

Q: How does the cosmetic imaging benefit me?
A: Cosmetic imaging can show you what you could look like, kind of a blueprint, or a roadmap to the smile that you've always wanted but weren't born with. It is a great tool that can help you imagine what it would be like to have a perfect smile or to change the things that you don't like about your smile. With the use of cosmetic imaging, Dr. Pybus and you can begin with the steps necessary to give you your desired result. Back to top

Q: How much does cosmetic imaging cost?
A: There is no cost, just the time it takes to get a picture of your face and smile so Dr. Pybus can create a cosmetically enhanced you! Back to top

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