Our Dental Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy
The mission of our Amarillo dental practice is to provide the finest quality dental care and education to our patients so that they may be more in control of their own lives.

Superior Materials and Procedures
Our practice will provide high quality materials and state-of-the-art procedures which will have significant value to our patients. A sterile, pristine environment will be essential to deliver our services. Sensing, serving and satisfying the needs of our patients will help us achieve our statement of philosophy.

Exceptional People
Our Amarillo dentist and dental team are our greatest asset. Only the best people will do - in every area. These are smartly dressed people who are excited about standards of quality and integrity; are interested in being long-term contributors; and who possess a flexible professional spirit. An individual's responsibility always exceeds a specific job assignment. The degree of our ability to satisfy our patient's needs are directly dependent upon our team. Personal initiative, often achieved by motivating and working with others, as well as practice promotion, will be rewarded.

Patient Profile
We will market our practice to attract patients who are committed to enhancing their quality of life. We recognize, while implementing our expertise and services, that our patients are ultimately responsible for their own oral health. It is therefore our responsibility to educate and motivate our patients so that they may achieve the desired results. Removing road blocks to optimum health will be our specialty.

Profitable Growth
We shall maintain a productive and profitable practice and be well compensated for the quality of service we provide. Of high priority is the maintenance of balance between profitability and growth. All team members will be rewarded equally as our profit grows. There will be no limit as to the amount they will share.

The Future in Action
Our practice recognizes that the needs of our patients are as individual and unique as each patient we serve. Our commitment to new, progressive techniques and motivational strategies will assure our patients of excellent results. We recognize that successful preparation for the future requires a commitment to take action now.

Business Leadership
Our practice will provide support, feedback and leadership to promote growth and long-term commitment from each employee. Our standards will be set high so that our employees strive for new levels of expertise and are encouraged to reach new heights. We will create an environment where people will enjoy coming to work because we believe that "Success is not the end of the journey, but the journey itself."

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