Non Surgical Gum Treatment

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Soft Tissue Management Treatment Program  

The treatment (root planning and scaling) consist of professional in-office care that detoxifies the tooth surfaces below the gum line and in between the teeth. Medications will then be irrigated into the infected areas around the teeth to help the healing process.  Also, additional site specific medicines may be placed into infected areas if needed. 

A Partnership: Your Dental Professional and You  

Besides your daily home care to remove plaque bacteria, your dental professional will recommend the appropriate interval of maintenance care. You will probably need to increase your hygiene visits from two to maybe three or four times per year to maintain the health achieved through your Soft Tissue Management Treatment.

Periodontal Disease can be Controlled!  

Without careful on-going monitoring and treatment, periodontal disease can recur. Your daily care and professional maintenance visits are a commitment to better health.

Special Home Care Needs  

Because of the damage created by the periodontal infection you have special needs in daily care. Pockets have formed around your teeth and spaces have developed between them. The fine, flexible, filaments sweep into these areas and remove the plaque and bacterial buildup before it has a chance to re-infect.

Home care is very important part of your Soft Tissue Management Treatment Program. The rota-dent has been proven to remove the bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth including in between the teeth that are difficult, if not impossible, to reach by conventional toothbrushes.

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